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MealPal will book your reservations, keep you updated with the latest restaurants, find you local hidden culinary gems and answer all your food related questions

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How Does MealPal Work?

Low Monthly Fee

For the price of a meal, we are at your service for a flat monthly fee of $9.99.

Text Us

Text us whenever you need a restaurant reservation or have any questions regarding food. We are available 24 hours a day. When you first sign up a MealPal will contact you to learn about your dining preferences.

Save Time

We handle and book all your restaurant reservations. Our team of MealPals also keep track of all the latest restaurant openings and we send our MealPals to try each restaurant to ensure quality to make sure we only recommend restaurants that are worth checking out.

Insider Knowledge

We have a team of MealPals that study the culinary world very closely. Every city has hidden culinary gems that we help to uncover.

About MealPal

We are a food concierge service built by entrepreneurs Richard Gong and Michael Lee. For the past few months we have been busy hiring MealPals, learning about the restaurant scene and eating a bunch of delicious food. We have finally launched after learning and working on this service.

The reason we embarked on this journey is because being a foodie is very time consuming. It takes a lot of time out of your day to read about the latest restaurant launches, learning about local hidden gems and dealing with the hassle of booking restaurant reservations. We built this service and assembled a team to save you time and to ensure you have an amazing culinary experience.

If you are interested in our service, text us at (510) 229-4242 to get started. A MealPal will reach out to you and spend time with you to learn about your dining preferences to ensure an awesome experience.

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Are you a culinary expert and want to be a foodie concierge? If the answer is yes, reach out to us :)

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